1 in 6 suffer from a sleep disorder, yet 80% remain undiagnosed

Sleep disorders are rampant yet vastly undiagnosed! An in-lab sleep study costs upwards of $1500 and can have a wait time of 2-4 months. Current home sleep tests are not accurate enough and still cost upwards of $500.  Lab grade home tests require the presence of a sleep technologist, making it costlier than an in-lab test. 

Manual sleep scoring is a major bottleneck.

Reducing throughput of in-lab sleep studies

Current sleep clinics either employ an army of sleep technologists for scoring or outsource it to India/China. In-house scoring is costly and outsourcing can introduce wide variability in quality. Moreover, human scorers are neither reliable nor consistent.

Making lab grade home sleep studies costly and cumbersome

Human scoring requires full EEG montage, which necessitates the presence of a sleep technician to reliably set up at home. This significantly increases the cost and wait time of lab grade home tests.

Impeding the pace of research

Researchers have to waste valuable time waiting for sleep data to be scored, slowing down the pace of research.


We leverage state of the art AI to automatically score sleep data, making in-lab sleep tests cost-effective and efficient and home sleep tests lab-grade and accessible

For Sleep Clinics

Our technology can improve the throughput of sleep scoring by 8X. Which means doctors can see more patients every day, sleep technologists are free to attend to the patients rather than spend time scoring and patients get better care at a lower cost.

For Doctors

Current home sleep tests are not a replacement for in-lab sleep tests. Moreover, they are not suitable in the presence of comorbidities. So neurologists, cardiologists, ENT specialists and respiratory specialists had to wait a long time for the result of a sleep study. Not anymore,  with our technology lab grade home study are quick and affordable. Find out more at mysleep.study

For Enterprise

Undiagnosed sleep problems are costing companies billions of dollars in health cost, lost productivity and accidents. A recent Frost & Sullivan report found substantial benefits for companies targeting early diagnosis. Our cost-effective and highly accurate in-home study system is especially suited for companies involved in high-risk activities (transportation, security, aviation etc.). Our technology allows insurance companies to cost-effectively access health risks.

For Researchers

Accelerate the pace of your research. Our technology is clinically validated on more than 11,000 hrs of seep data and published in a top-tier peer-reviewed journal. Using our open API and software development kit (SDK) it is easy to integrate our technology into your research workflow. Our technology is already integrated into popular research tools used by sleep researchers worldwide. Visit www.z3score.com for more information.  

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Clinically validated on 11,000+ hrs of sleep data


Open API and SDK allow innovation and interoperability.  

Our patent-pending architecture reduces bandwidth requirement by 18X allowing fast and seamless access over the cloud even when internet connections are slow and unreliable. Our technology is already integrated into popular research tools including SPISOP and FASST.

Fully AASM complaint sleep staging, arousal and respiratory events detection.

Read the API documentation.

Developed by experts in the field

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Prof Michael Chee
Scientific Adviser
Naveen Gupta
Business Adviser

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