Fast, accurate & reliable sleep analytics is a major problem across the spectrum of sleep measurement devices.

In-lab sleep studies are scored manually

reducing the throughput of sleep clinics and impeding the pace of research. Valuable resources are wasted on manual analysis instead of attending to the patients or doing fundamental research.

Home sleep studies do not measure sleep

resulting in low specificity of diagnosis and restricting their use as a screening tool.

Sleep wearables are unreliable

increasing consumer skepticism and limiting usage to non-clinical applications. Analyzing reduced channel sleep data is a challenging technical problem that even the largest wearable companies are yet to solve.


leveraging the power of deep-learning and big data to push the boundaries of sleep data analytics.

For Sleep Clinics

Our technology can improve the throughput of sleep scoring by 8X. Which means doctors can see more patients every day, sleep technologists are free to attend to the patients rather than spend time scoring and patients get better care at a lower cost.

For Doctors

Current home sleep tests are not a replacement for in-lab sleep tests. Moreover, they are not suitable in the presence of comorbidities. So neurologists, cardiologists, ENT specialists and respiratory specialists had to wait a long time for the result of a sleep study. Not anymore,  with our technology lab grade home study are quick and affordable. Find out more at

For Researchers

Accelerate the pace of your research. Our technology is clinically validated on more than 11,000 hrs of seep data and published in a top-tier peer-reviewed journal. Using our open API and software development kit (SDK) it is easy to integrate our technology into your research workflow. Our technology is already integrated into popular research tools used by sleep researchers worldwide. Visit for more information.  

For Wearables

Our proprietary technologies allow unprecedented accuracy on reduced channel devices like smart wearables. If your device can measure heart rate and motion, we can do lab-grade analysis with it. Unleash the full potential of your wearable devices by integrating our APIs to your analysis pipeline.

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Clinically validated on 11,000+ hrs of sleep data


Patent-pending cloud architecture

Our proprietary cloud architecture reduces bandwidth requirement by up to 100X, allowing fast and seamless access over the cloud even when internet connections are slow and unreliable.

Fully AASM complaint sleep staging, arousal and respiratory events detection.

Know more about the technology

Developed by experts in the field

Dr. Amiya Patanaik
Prof Michael Chee
Scientific Adviser
Dr. Anil Dhuna
Clinical Adviser
Naveen Gupta
Business Adviser

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Sleep clinic operators, doctors, researchers, administrators, smart wearable companies and investors we would love to talk to you. 

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